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...We feature the “New Old,” contemporary interpretations of classic culinary fare.


Our New American cuisine emphasizes seasonal dishes made from scratch and inspired by fresh ingredients.


Compliment your meal with one of our carefully selected craft beers or natural wines.


Our restaurant highlights the historic, mid-century sensibilities of Orlando’s Mills 50 District. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, it's our sincere desire to offer you a memorable dining experience.

The Chef-OwnersALDA & JOE REES

The Strand was inspired by a sentimental nostalgia for our childhood - both in the atmosphere which we've created and in the food we serve. We cook the things that we remember eating as kids and we grow them up with the food we love to eat as adults. We're just two people who grew up in families where food was entwined with life. Transplants from  New Haven, we've lived in the Mills 50 area for 27 years. We love, love, love our neighborhood — to us, Mills 50 is as authentic as Orlando gets. We're happy to be that unexpected little spot that feels like something both special and familiar.  

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